7 Best Drones With Obstacle Avoidance | 2024

In 2024, drones are important in our daily lives and are changing industries. Manufacturers are always improving drones with new technology. They can avoid obstacles and fly in complex places easily. This guide lists the 7 drones with obstacle avoidance systems in 2024, improving safety and innovation.

Obstacle avoidance is a critical feature in drones that enables them to navigate their environment safely and autonomously. By using a combination of sensors such as cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar, or lidar, drones can detect obstacles in their path and make real-time decisions to avoid collisions. Obstacle avoidance drone fly with more precision and reduces the risks of accidents or damage.

Advanced drones use sensors, cameras, and algorithms to avoid obstacles while flying, giving users a smooth experience. Here are some top drones with obstacle avoidance technology.

DJI Mini 3 Pro weighs less than 250 grams, making it easy to carry around for capturing great aerial shots. Despite its size, it performs well and has advanced capabilities like larger drones. It have cool feature of return-to-home function, which brings the drone back to where it took off if it loses connection or has issues during flight.

This safety feature makes flying easier and lets users focus on getting great footage without worrying about losing the drone.

drones with obstacle avoidance


WeightLess than 249g
Dimensions Folded 145×90×62 mm
Dimension Unfolded 251×362×70 mm
Max Flight Time34 minutes
Obstacle sensingFront, rear, and downward
Max Flight Distance18 km


  • The Mini 3 Pro is lightweight and can be used in most countries without registration. Its foldable design makes it easy to carry on your adventures.
  • The Fly More Kit Plus gives users up to 47 minutes of flight time for exploring. Note that using this battery will make the drone slightly heavier than 249 g.
  • Take high-quality 4K 60fps videos and 48MP photos with the advanced camera system. It supports dual native ISO and f 1.7 aperture for great image quality day and night.
  • The redesigned DJI Mini 3 Pro has True Vertical Shooting for perfect portrait shots, great for sharing on social media. The gimbal rotates up to 90 degrees to maintain image quality.
  • It has tri-directional obstacle sensing and APAS 4.0 for safety within the Mini series.
  • Use smart features like FocusTrack, True Vertical Shooting, MasterShots, Timelapse, QuickTransfer, and more with DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight, small
  • Easy to use
  • Extended battery available
  • Budget friendly

  • Limited internal storage

DJI Air 2S

This makes it easy to capture great photos and videos with its long flight time. It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor for high-quality images and can shoot in 5.4K video resolution. The drone’s obstacle avoidance technology improves safety during flights by detecting and avoiding obstacles.

This feature allows for a smooth flying experience, so you can focus on capturing stunning aerial footage without distractions. Whether you’re experienced or new to flying drones, the DJI Air 2S with obstacle avoidance is a versatile tool for creative possibilities in the sky.

drones with obstacle avoidance


Dimensions Folded 180×97×77 mm
Dimension Unfolded 183×253×77 mm
Max Flight Time30 minutes
Obstacle sensingFour-direction sensing
Max Flight Distance18.5 km


  • Utilizing a 1-inch image sensor with 2.4 m pixels, the DJI Air 2S can capture stunning 5.4K 30fps and 4K 60fps videos. It operates within a temperature range of 0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F).
  • Introducing MasterShots, an innovative feature that takes QuickShots to the next level by automatically generating top-quality shots with a single tap, regardless of the location.
  • With FocusTrack incorporating Spotlight 2.0, ActiveTrack 4.0, and Point of Interest 3.0, the DJI Air 2S effortlessly tracks and circles subjects with precision.
  • The Dlog-M color profile, boasting a rich palette of one billion colors, captures intricate details that enhance the visual appeal of your footage.
  • Benefit from DJI’s cutting-edge O3 (OcuSync 3.0) technology on the Air 2S for seamless and crystal-clear video transmission up to a distance of over seven miles.
  • Equipped with environmental sensors in all directions – upward, downward, forward, and backward – the DJI Air 2S adeptly navigates complex scenarios at high speeds by autonomously avoiding obstacles.

Pros & Cons

  • Four directional Obstacle sensor
  • High Quality footage
  • OcuSync 3.0 Transmission Technology

  • Not beginner friendly

Skydio 2+

It is a high-tech device that changes how we take photos and videos from the sky. It uses smart technology to follow people and objects smoothly, so you always get great footage. Whether you’re filming sports or nature, the drone keeps your subject in focus wherever you go.

The Skydio 2 can fly on its own through tricky places without hitting obstacles. This feature is a big deal for drone fans and pros, giving them more freedom to be creative while staying safe. With sensors all around it, the drone quickly spots and drone avoid obstacles as it flies.

following drone with obstacle avoidance


Dimensions Folded 94 x 153 x 71 mm
Dimension Unfolded153 x 153 x 117 mm
Max Flight Time27 minutes
Obstacle sensing360 Obstacle Avoidance
Max Flight Distance3 km


  • Easily track a subject, navigate smoothly on its own, or control manually without worry thanks to advanced obstacle avoidance. This is possible with SIX 4K cameras, an Nvidia TX2 GPU, and cutting-edge AI software.
  • Skip the hassle of editing with 4K60 HDR video that looks great straight from the camera. Capture detailed photos and videos with the IMX577 Sensor from Skydio.
  • Create smooth camera movements with Skydio Keyframe. Simply select keyframes, and let Skydio fly between them autonomously.
  • Your drone can do complex maneuvers, avoid obstacles, and create cool shots with Autonomous Skills. Pick from different Skills like Motion Track, Orbit, Rocket, and Dronie to capture unique footage. The drone can do things that a human pilot can’t, thanks to advanced technology.
  • The new radio system lets you fly up to 6km away at speeds up to 36mph. Remember to follow local rules and FAA guidelines by keeping an eye on your drone during flight.

Pros & Cons

  • Auto-record
  • 360 Obstacle Avoidance
  • Stand-out tracking

  • Limited flight time

This DJI drones with obstacle avoidance has a powerful camera that offers high-quality images. It follows FAA regulations for safe flying. DJI is committed to innovation and responsible drone use. The Mavic 3 Pro has a long flight time and can transmit HD video up to 15km. It provides clear video even at long distances, making it great for filmmakers and content creators.

drone collision avoidance system


Dimensions Folded 231.1×98×95.4 mm
Dimension Unfolded 347.5×290.8×107.7 mm
Max Flight Time43 minutes
Obstacle sensingomni directional
Max Flight Distance28 km


  • The Hasselblad Main Camera on the Mavic 3 Pro drone has a 4.3 CMOS sensor with a 24mm format equivalent, aperture from f 2.8 to f 11, and 20 MP resolution. This camera can capture RAW photos with a dynamic range of up to 12.8 stops. The DJI Mavic 3 Pro meets FAA Remote ID requirements. For more information on Remote ID guidelines and drone registration, check the compliance document or visit the FAA’s website.
  • The Mavic 3 Pro has Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing and APAS 5.0 features for safe flying. With eight vision sensors and advanced obstacle detection, this drone offers enhanced safety during flights. It has a flight time of up to 43 minutes, allowing for longer flights without worrying about battery levels.
  • The Mavic 3 Pro has DJI O3 transmission technology for stable signals up to 15 km. It has a professional-grade camera for a great viewing experience. The package includes a lightweight DJI RC remote controller with a high brightness level of 700 nits, perfect for long-range aerial photography.
  • Firmware upgrades add Vision Assist for better visual guidance and safety features. The Medium Tele Camera now has more color modes like 10-bit D-Log M & HLG for creative post-processing.

Pros & Cons

  • 4K Ultra video resolution
  • 40mins flight time
  • Night mode available

  • No vehicle tracking

Autel EVO Nano+

It is small and easy to carry, but still works well. It can avoid obstacles in three different ways, so it can fly smoothly even in tight spaces. This makes it great for taking videos in hard-to-reach places. The drone can capture high-quality videos easily, whether you’re filming beautiful landscapes or exciting action scenes.

Its small size makes it easy to bring along on all your adventures, so you can always capture important moments. The Autel EVO Nano Drone with obstacle avoidance is a great choice for both beginner and experienced drone users. It is portable and performs well, offering new opportunities for creativity and exploration from the sky.

drone obstacle avoidance sensor


Dimensions Folded 140×90×50 mm
Dimension Unfolded264×310×50 mm
Max Flight Time28 minutes
Obstacle sensingThree-way
Max Flight Distance16.8 m


  • The 1.28 CMOS EVO Nano has a 1.28-inch CMOS sensor that takes 50 MP photos. It has an RYYB color filter array and f 1.9 aperture for good noise reduction and clear photos in low light. The PDAF CDAF autofocus system tracks fast-moving subjects accurately.
  • The HDR mode captures multiple exposures for detailed images in different lighting. The HDR Video & Photos feature combines exposures for better contrast and range.
  • The EVO Nano series has a three-way obstacle avoidance system with sensors that detect obstacles in front, behind, and below the aircraft.
  • The EVO Nano drone is light and easy to fold, weighing only 249g. This makes it suitable for flying in more places than heavier drones. Its small size makes it easy to carry, fitting in small spaces like a pocket or in your hand. Being under 250g may mean fewer rules in some countries.
  • The drone has a long transmission range of 6.2 miles and clear 2.7K video at 30FPS. It also has good anti-interference features for high-quality video footage.

Pros & Cons

  • Phase contrast autofocus
  • Easy to travel
  • Good range
  • Three directional obstacle avoidance

  • Less flight time
  • Costly

Autel EVO II Pro V3

It can hover for up to 35 minutes, allowing photographers to take more photos without stopping to recharge. This long battery life is great for shooting landscapes, wildlife, or action shots. The drone’s obstacle avoidance and extended battery make it a top choice for photography enthusiasts. If you want to capture amazing aerial images, consider using this drone on your next photography trip.

best follow me drone with obstacle avoidance


Dimensions Folded 230×130×108mm
Dimension Unfolded 457×558×108 mm
Max Flight Time40 minutes
Obstacle sensingOmni-directional
Max Flight Distance25 km


  • It has a 1-inch CMOS sensor from Sony, supports up to 6K video resolution, and has features like enhanced dynamic range, better noise reduction, and higher frame rates. The drone has an adjustable aperture from F 2.8 to F 11, a 3x optical zoom, 16x digital zoom, and a maximum ISO of 44000 for photographers to explore creative possibilities.
  • Experience the Autel EVO II Pro V3 camera with the new Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 and 12-bit image system. This system is great for night photography, with an ISO range up to 44000. The camera can take 12-bit DNG photos with 68.6 billion colors, giving you accurate colors for editing.
  • The drone has 12 visual sensors and 19 sensor groups for obstacle avoidance and pathing through tough terrain. It can fly for 40 minutes and handle winds up to 27mph, making it reliable in any weather.
  • Experience the future of aerial technology with the Autel EVO II Pro V3. This drone has the SkyLink 2.0 video transmission system, allowing you to send videos up to 15 km away in high-quality 2.7K resolution. It has tri-band communication to reduce interference.
  • The Autel Smart Controller SE has a 6.4-inch OLED touch screen and an advanced 8-core processor for HD image transmission up to 15 km away. It runs on a customized Android system, allowing you to use third-party apps. It is rated IP43 for performance in all weather conditions.
  • The V3 combo includes the EVO II Pro V3 Aircraft with a battery, propeller, gimbal cover, and a 32G SD card, Remote Controller, Spare Battery, Spare Propeller pair, Battery Charger & Power Cable, RC Charger, RC Charging Cable, and RC Lanya – everything you need for flying.

Pros & Cons

  • Multiple color profile
  • No geo-fencing
  • 1″ camera sensor 20MP

  • Panorama mode excluded


This follow me drone with obstacle sensing fly safely in tough places. It has a stable 3-axis gimbal for precise aerial footage. The controls are easy to use for both experienced and new drone pilots. The follow mode lets the drone track your movements.

With the Drone X Pro LIMITLESS 4S Camera Drone, you can capture exciting moments from the sky. This lets you be creative and redefine flying high with its advanced features. It have 4k UHD camera.

follow me drone with obstacle avoidance


Dimensions Folded 18x9x8 cm
Dimension Unfolded 32x40x8 cm
Max Flight Time30 minutes
Obstacle sensing360° laser sensor
Max Flight Distance4.82 km


  • It has excellent obstacle avoidance and can fly far with its 4K camera. It uses advanced technology to smoothly fly around obstacles for up to 3 miles. The GPS feature allows it to explore beyond its usual limits.
  • The drone is precise with GPS tracking and can automatically return home with one button, even in tough situations like low battery or signal loss. It has long flight times, up to 30 minutes per charge, thanks to strong motors and a big battery.
  • It has a stable 3-axis gimbal and can shoot cinematic 4K UHD video with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). It has dual cameras for different angles and can instantly transfer footage wirelessly.
  • Easily control it with gestures and follow-me technology to capture your moments. Use SURROUND mode for point-of-interest orbits with you in the frame.

Pros & Cons

  • Long Flight time
  • Prolonged battery life
  • 4K video resolution capture

  • Limited range

Drone technology has advanced, bringing innovation and convenience for hobbyists and professionals. The 7 best drones with obstacle avoidance in 2024 prioritize safety and ease of use. These drones can detect and avoid obstacles automatically, giving users a worry-free flying experience. Whether you’re a beginner practicing piloting or an experienced aerial photographer exploring new creative options, these drones will meet your needs.

Can Drones Avoid Obstacles in Any Type of Weather Conditions?

Weather conditions such as heavy rain or fog can affect the performance of obstacle avoidance sensors in drones. It is recommended to fly in clear weather for optimal functionality.

How Does Drone Collision Avoidance Technology Work?  

Drone with collision avoidance technology uses sensors such as cameras, lidar, and radar to detect obstacles in the drone’s flight path and automatically adjust its trajectory to avoid collisions.

Can I Retrofit my Existing Drone with Collision Avoidance Technology?

There are aftermarket kits available that can add collision avoidance capabilities to certain models of drones, but compatibility may vary so be sure to do your research.

Do Drones with Obstacle Avoidance Require Special Skills to Operate?

Operating a drone with obstacle avoidance technology does not necessarily require special skills, but basic knowledge of drone flying is recommended.

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