Know About The Best Places To Fly A Drone On Long Island

Nestled between the glistening waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque landscapes of New York, Long Island offers drone enthusiasts a haven of stunning aerial views waiting to be captured. From sandy beaches to lush vineyards, this island paradise is a treasure trove for those seeking the perfect spot to soar their drones high above. Join us as we uncover the best places to fly a drone on Long Island and unveil hidden gems from above that will leave you in awe.

  • Keep your drone below 400ft (120 meters) above the ground, and watch out for airplanes.
  • Only fly one drone at a time, and make sure you know how to fly it safely.
  • Don’t fly drones over restricted places like military bases or government buildings.
  • Get permission before flying to protect people’s privacy.
  • Only fly during the day, in approved areas, and when the weather is good.
  • Don’t fly over private homes.
  • Always keep an eye on your drone and avoid places that could be dangerous, like emergency sites, police stations, fire departments, or accident scenes.

Suffolk County

There are multiple parks and state beaches in this county that allow for drone flying. Here are few top destinations written;

Belmont Lake State Park

Belmont Lake State Park in Suffolk County is a great place to fly drones. The park has a peaceful lake, greenery, and trails, making it perfect for drone videos. It’s famous for fishing and diving, giving a unique chance to film these activities from above. Flying drones at Belmont Lake lets you capture the beautiful landscape, like nature trails and meadows.

You can film the colorful autumn leaves reflecting on the lake or the sunset over the horizon, showing tranquility and beauty. The park is a hidden gem for drone pilots, offering endless opportunities for creative aerial photography and videography.

best places to fly a drone on Long Island

Connetquot River State Park

The park has open spaces and beautiful landscapes, perfect for capturing aerial shots of its natural beauty. You can film the greenery and the river for incredible footage. Besides flying drones, visitors can fish or hike at the park. It’s a peaceful place for relaxing or exciting drone flights.

The park covers 3,473 acres, providing an excellent area for aerial photography and videography. Its location near the Connetquot River adds charm, allowing drone pilots to capture stunning shots of the waterway.

Lakeland County Park

The park is close to Colony Park and Islandia and has beautiful trails through forests and fields. There are ponds and meadows to film, and you can see the changing seasons from above. People love flying drones at Lakeland County Park because it’s near the water, making it perfect for filming boats and wildlife.

The park is committed to protecting the environment, making it a great place to show off nature in a new way. With its peaceful atmosphere and varied landscape, Lakeland County Park is a fantastic place for creative drone photography that will always amaze you.

Queens County

On long island the second largest county is Queens county, with 2.4 million population. Following are the spots that allows drone flying;

Gantry Plaza State Park

It’s by the East River and has a nice view of Manhattan’s skyline. The park has open green areas and clear paths, making it perfect for drone enthusiasts to take amazing aerial photos with famous landmarks like the Empire State Building in the background. Flying drones at this park lets you see New York City from a different angle.

The park has many amenities and spots for recreational activities, making it a paradise for drone lovers. The park’s wide waterfront area allows for uninterrupted flights, giving you the freedom to explore and capture unique footage. From the iconic gantry cranes to green spaces and busy piers, there are plenty of exciting things to see and film from above.

best places to fly a drone on Long Island

Rockaway Beach

The sandy shores, also known as the Irish Riviera, provide a beautiful background for your drone shots. You can capture the fun beach atmosphere and the mix of people enjoying the sun and waves. Exploring nearby places like Jacob Riis Park and Fort Tilden can give you different views from above. These historic sites show a mix of nature and man-made structures, making for exciting drone footage.

You can film surfers enjoying the big waves and currents that attract people from all over. Whether it’s early morning surfers or sunset views, there are lots of unforgettable moments to capture with your drone.

Nassau County

Nassau offers multiple spots to fly Unmanned aerial vehicles. Following are the popular spots;

Blydenburgh County Park

The park has wide open spaces and beautiful views, making it perfect for capturing nature from above. The park’s main attraction is a peaceful lake in the middle, which adds a sense of calm to drone footage. People come to the park for fishing and swimming, making it a lively place to fly drones and film outdoor activities.

You can film anglers fishing or swimmers enjoying the water from a bird’s eye view. Flying drones in Blydenburgh County Park lets you see the interactions between people and nature in this vibrant outdoor setting.

Morgan Memorial Park

It has open green spaces and views of the water, making it perfect for capturing fantastic aerial footage. You can fly your drone up to 350 meters high and get unique shots of the Long Island Sound. The park is famous not just for drone enthusiasts but also for fashion and wedding photographers.

The mix of nature and city views provides an excellent background for any photography or videography project. Whether you want to capture landscapes or create content for social media, Morgan Memorial Park has lots of opportunities for drone photography and videography.

drone flying spots near me

Joe Stanco Park

The park has big fields and winding paths, making it ideal for flying drones and capturing stunning views from above. You can get great shots of the lake and the greenery around it, showing off the park’s natural beauty. In winter, the park turns into a winter wonderland with activities like skiing and skating.

Flying your drone during these activities can give you a unique perspective. In the fall, the park hosts fun events with colorful decorations, making it a great time to get excellent footage with your drone. It attracts both adults and children.

Jones Beach State Park

You can capture amazing aerial views of the top-rated beach on Long Island. The beach has miles of beautiful shoreline and dunes, making it a perfect backdrop for filming. You can fly your drone over the clear waters and sandy beaches to create impressive videos. Besides the beach, the park also has lush vegetation, marshlands, and wildlife that you can film from above.

Explore beyond the shore to find hidden gems like the iconic Jones Beach Water Tower and the long boardwalk along the coast. It has 6.5 miles of shoreline with stunning ocean views and pristine beaches. Apart from filming the beach from above, you can also capture exciting shots of boating and fishing activities in the nearby waters. The park’s location near the water gives you unique chances to film boats sailing or people fishing.

  • Operating a model aircraft within a 5-mile radius is prohibited.
  • No Person May Operate A UAS between Sunset And Sunrise.
  • Colliding a UAS with any object or operating one within 5 miles of an airport is also not allowed.
  • Ensure FAA authorization before flying.
long island drone free zone

There are many best places to fly a drone on long island. You can find stunning beaches, vineyards, and parks to explore. Whether you love drones or want a new view, Long Island has it all.

The mix of cities and nature here offers many chances for special drone flights. So, grab your gear, go to Long Island, and start capturing the beauty from above!

Can I fly my Drone in Long Island Drone Free Zone?

No, drones are prohibited in the designated Long Island Drone Free Zone.

How can I find Safe and Legal Drone Flying Spots Near me?

Use apps like AirMap or FAA’s B4UFLY to locate approved drone flying areas in your vicinity.

Are There any Restricted Areas for Flying Drones on Long Island?

Yes, certain places like airports and national parks have restrictions for drone flights.

Can I make Money with Drone?

There are many ways to make money with a drone. You can use it for aerial photography or find other creative ways to earn money.

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