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Canada offers great courses for people who want to learn how to fly drones or improve their skills. These courses are suitable for beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts. Professional training can help you become better at flying drones, whether you want to take amazing aerial photos or use drones for business. Read about top Canadian drone courses such as AlteX Academy, Sugu Drones, CanDrone, Dr Drone and many more.

Flying drones in Canada requires skills and following rules. Transport Canada offers basic operations drone training that covers safety measures. The Advanced Operations Pilot Certificate teaches complex flight techniques and laws for advanced knowledge.

These courses provide technical expertise and promote responsible drone operation in Canadian airspace. Whether a beginner or an expert, these online programs can improve your flying skills.

AlteX Academy is known for its founders’ expertise and innovative approach to drone education. Yifei Zhao and Alex Shvartsev have experience in filmmaking, especially with drones, making them industry leaders.

Their work with Co-axial drones and assembling drones for companies like Tesla shows their advanced knowledge and commitment to innovation. Partnering with Humber College further establishes AlteX Academy as a top institution for drone training, serving professionals from real estate agents to engineers.

AlteX focuses on practical learning and preparing students for the changing drone technology field. By staying updated and adjusting their curriculum, Yifei and Alex have made AlteX Academy a pioneer in shaping drone use in different industries.

Sugu Drones

Sugu Drones is known for caring about public safety and STEM education. They have a unique way of teaching drone skills. They share free resources on YouTube to help everyone learn about drones, no matter their financial situation.

This makes them different from other drone schools. There are also drone training courses. They want to make sure people know how to use drones responsibly. Sugu Drones also gives a free radio license with their courses. This shows they want students to be fully prepared for flying drones safely. They focus on teaching practical skills and theory, making them a leader in the drone industry.

 Canadian drone courses.

They offer the following courses with prices:

  • Get a Basic Pilot Certificate and a free advanced drone license for $99. It is a great chance for beginners who want to start flying drones. This course teaches you how to operate a drone and pass the RPAS exam.
  • You can get an Advanced Pilot Certificate for $495 to learn advanced flying skills. This certificate lets you fly legally near airports and people.
  • You can also take the 24-Month Recency Training to keep your skills sharp.
  • The Flight Review costs $220 and tests your flying abilities. It is important if you want to get the Advanced Pilot Certificate.
  • If you want to learn more than basic flying, you can take courses like Drone Design and Build for $130 or Remote Sensing for $1100. These courses help you gain specialized knowledge and advance your career.


CanDrone is changing industries by helping businesses use drones and robots. They offer different options for companies to test these technologies before buying them. Their sensors can be used to find crop diseases and conduct rescue missions.

CanDrone also provides hands-on training, which is different from other courses because it lets people practice using drones. This helps them learn from experts and understand how to use drones in the real world. Choosing CanDrone for licensing can help people meet rules and learn essential skills for using drones at work.

They offer the following courses and prices:

UAV RPAS Online Training can enhance your drone piloting skills. The $200 flight review for the Canadian Drone License ensures you follow all rules and improve your drone flying abilities. You can access various learning opportunities as a drone enthusiast by paying a booking fee of $149 and $200.

Canadian Drone Institute

The Canadian Drone Institute stands out in the drone industry for its unique training focus. Founded by experienced airline pilots, the institute offers expert and professional courses. They are committed to staying updated on industry trends and preparing students for the future of drone technology through BLVOS flying education.

With self-paced online courses, the Canadian Drone Institute provides convenience and flexibility for those interested in drones. This approach caters to beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts, making it accessible to all interested in mastering drone operations within Canadian regulations.

The institute’s comprehensive training ensures students have the knowledge and skills to navigate Canadian airspace safely and effectively.

They offer the following courses and prices:

Basic Flight Training by Transport Canada for $85, Advanced Flight Training for $465.95, Advanced Flight Certificate for $289.95, Non-resident Advanced Certificate and SFOC for $289.95, and Flight Review for $199.

drone pilot certificate

Coastal Drone

The Coastal Drone team’s aviation and drone technology expertise makes it stand out in drone training. They teach aspiring pilots about flying drones and following safety rules.

Coastal Drones also show how drones can be used in different industries, like photography and farming. This helps students learn and be creative in using drones to solve problems. Their training focuses on using technology for practical solutions, not just flying drones.

Dr Drone

Dr Drone and Aerovision Canada are working together to offer training for drone users. They have a variety of courses for both hobbyists and professionals. Whether you want to fly drones for fun or work, they have a program for you.

Dr Drone is authorized by DJI, which means it can repair and support DJI drone users. It has experience training organizations on drone safety, making it a trusted leader in the Canadian drone industry. Choosing Dr Drone for your training means you’ll gain valuable skills and ongoing support from experts in aerial technology.

They offer the following courses with prices:

  • Training for specific equipment costs vary.
  • A flight review costs $225, and the RPAS ground school preparation course also varies.


In-Flight uses drones in new and creative ways, not just for filming from the sky. They collect and analyze data to help different industries gain essential insights. They can fly drones far distances, showing their dedication to pushing drone technology limits.

In-Flight stands out not only for its advanced technology but also for how it uses it for practical purposes. They help improve farming, safety, and forestry. Choosing In-Flight means getting high-quality drone services and supporting a partner that aims to make positive changes through innovation and data analysis.


At 01R, students learn skills to pass their Transport Canada exam and get a drone license. They also learn how drones are used in surveying and mapping. The founder, Paul Bennett, is an experienced instructor and drone pilot. He has trained over 4,000 pilots.

Transport Canada recognizes his school. Students at 01R learn to operate drones safely and legally and how drones are used in different industries.

The training program at 01R combines theory with hands-on experience, preparing students to use drones in the real world. Paul Bennett’s commitment to quality education has made 01R a top drone flight training institution.

They offer the following courses with prices:

  • Pix4D Survey costs $200.
  • Mapping Essentials from Pix4D costs $1,000.
  • Survey and Mapping with Pix4D costs $800.
  • Drone Mapping and Survey Fundamentals costs $500.

Aboriginal Training Services

Aboriginal Training Services offers unique drone training led by industry experts. They partner with aviation professionals to provide a comprehensive learning experience. This approach goes beyond basic exam prep, giving students practical knowledge and valuable insights.

The training creates a dynamic environment that helps students develop skills and understand the drone industry better. Aboriginal Training Services’s flexibility is a big advantage. They offer online and in-person courses and use Zoom for in-person classes to make learning accessible without compromising quality.

This adaptability shows their commitment to meeting the needs of aspiring drone pilots, no matter where they are. With Aboriginal Training Services, students can start their drone pilot journey confidently, knowing they have support from experienced professionals who care about their success. But, drone pilot certificate is also necessary.

They charge $99 for Basic Exam preparation and $249 for Advanced Exam preparation.

drone pilot certificate

Advanced Drone Services offers a training program that goes beyond basic drone operation. They focus on photography to help students capture great aerial shots. They teach both technical flying skills and creative storytelling with drones.

The company also emphasizes legal requirements and risk assessment to promote safety and responsible drone use. They create a community of skilled pilots by teaching students about Canadian drone flight rules. Their commitment to pre-flight activities and radio protocols makes them a trusted source for drone training.

Iris Automation

Iris Automation focuses on BVLOS capabilities for drones, allowing them to fly further and operate autonomously. Their Casia Long Range system extends drone range and ensures compliance with aviation regulations.

This technology can revolutionize transportation, delivery, and surveillance by streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Companies using Iris Automation’s technology are leading innovation in the drone industry.

With its advanced technology and regulatory expertise, Iris Automation is a key player in unlocking the full potential of drones for commercial use.

Pilot training Online Ground School

Pilot Training Ground School offers a unique learning experience by combining traditional pilot training with RPAS courses. Students learn about Air Law, Meteorology, and Human Factors, understanding aviation principles that apply to all aircraft.

The institution’s conversion program helps FAA Part 107 Drone Pilots transition smoothly to operating drones in Canada, promoting international standards in pilot training. Their mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices, allows students to access course materials easily.

This mix of technology and education ensures effective learning even outside the classroom. As the demand for skilled drone operators grows worldwide, institutions like Pilot Training Ground School play a crucial role in preparing individuals for success in this field.

UAV Coach

UAV Coach is a helpful resource for drone fans in Canada. They offer courses and information to help people learn about drones. With new drone rules in Canada, UAV Coach is a great way to stay updated.

Their Drone Flight Ground School and Virtual Drone Coaching programs give thorough training with videos and resources to improve skills. UAV Coach also covers specific topics like drone laws in Canada, which is important for Canadian drone pilots.

They also provide product reviews and how-to videos for flying drones. Whether new to drones or experienced, UAV Coach can help you become a better drone pilot.

Top Canadian drone courses provide thorough training and certification programs for people who want to operate drones. These courses teach topics like rules, flying skills, photography, and more to prepare students to use drones safely and well.

By joining top drone course Canada , individuals can acquire important knowledge and skills that will make them stand out in the fast-growing drone industry. Start your journey to becoming a certified drone pilot today!

How do you Become a Drone Pilot in Canada?

To be a drone pilot in Canada, you need a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada. This certificate is necessary for using drones commercially or researching Canadian airspace. When applying for an SFOC, you must give information about your drone, its use, and the safety measures you will take during flights.

Is a Canadian drone license Valid in the USA?

A Canadian drone license cannot be used in the USA. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires all drone operators to have a Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, which is necessary to fly a drone in the USA.

Does the Canadian drone license expire?

In Canada, the drone pilot certificate doesn’t expire. It is important to keep your skills and knowledge current. Transport Canada wants drone pilots to take an online quiz every two years. This shows they can still operate drones safely and helps pilots stay updated on new rules or guidelines.

How Do I Obtain A Drone Certification In Canada?

To obtain a drone certification in Canada, you must pass the Small Basic Exam and complete an Advanced Operations Exam.


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