How to Get a Drone License in South Dakota? | Easy Way

In some countries, you need a license to fly a drone safely. South Dakota allows drone flying, but you must get a license first. You need to meet FAA requirements and get an FAA tracking number and have to follow some others steps defined below. This guide will explain how to get the drone license in South Dakota in easy way.

To get a Remote Pilot Certificate in South Dakota, you must study hard and be dedicated. You must pass the FAA Part 107 exam to know about airspace rules, weather, and emergencies. This license lets pilots legally fly drones for work. It also makes pilots seem more trustworthy and professional to

Having the right certification can lead to more job chances. As drone technology improves, pilots in South Dakota need to keep learning and stay licensed to succeed in the growing drone industry.

Let us review the steps to get a Remote Pilot Certificate in South Dakota.

Meet The Regulatory Criteria From The FAA

Every aspiring drone pilot must understand and meet the FAA’s rules. These rules aim to ensure safety and competence in drone operations. Requirements like being good in English and physically capable may seem like obstacles, but they help improve professionalism and prevent risks.

By following these rules, pilots show they are serious about safe flying. The age limit 16 may seem strict, but it shows how seriously the FAA takes drone operations. Though the FAA’s rules may seem complex, they are essential for safe and skilled drone operations.

Obtain An FAA Tracking Number

After creating an account on IACRA, fill out FAA Form 8710-13 for a remote pilot certificate. This form needs personal info, training and testing details, and a photo ID. Fill out all fields accurately to avoid delays. Once submitted, you will get an email with your FTN. With the FTN, schedule your written test at an approved center.

Be ready to show your knowledge of airspace rules, weather, and emergencies during the exam. Passing this test is important for getting your remote pilot certificate. With determination and preparation, getting an FTN and becoming a certified drone pilot license is possible.

Focus on studying and meeting FAA requirements for a smooth certification process. Get ready to fly confidently as a licensed remote pilot.

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I will help you. Here are the steps:

  • When you go to the IACRA website, signing up as a new commercial pilot requires careful attention.
  • You must enter personal details, choose security questions, and make a unique username and password.
  • You can skip the Certificate Information part to speed up the account setup.
  • After you confirm, logging in shows your FTN, which is a sign of progress in aviation. Using IACRA helps you advance in your aviation career.
  • The registration process is like a special ceremony that prepares new pilots for challenges and successes.
  • Using this platform opens up opportunities in the aviation world, where hard work leads to success in a world full of opportunities to explore and achieve.

Sign Up At A South Dakota FAA Knowledge Testing Center

After setting up your PSI account and logging into IACRA, you are closer to scheduling your FAA knowledge exam at a South Dakota testing center. This process may seem hard, but with preparation and determination, you can do it.

The exam is important for getting your drone license, so stay focused and organized. As you work towards becoming a certified drone pilot, think about the opportunities ahead. See challenges as steps toward your aviation goals.

By signing up for the FAA exam in South Dakota, you invest in your future and show your commitment to safety in the skies. Believe in yourself, approach tasks with enthusiasm, and success will come.

After you get your FTN, signing up for IACRA is easy. First, create a username and password. Then, enter your name and email to confirm your account. Check your email for a message from PSI. Click the link in the email to access IACRA.

To find testing centers in South Dakota, search using your zip code. There are centers in Yankton and Sioux Falls. Use dropdown menus to choose the closest center. This helps you focus on studying for your exams without any delays.


Studying for the Part 107 test requires dedication and commitment. Understanding how to safely and legally operate a drone in the national airspace system is important. To ensure aviation safety, you must learn about weather, emergencies, and other topics.

The test costs $175 per attempt, but you can see it as an investment in your career and industry knowledge. It is essential to stay focused on exam day and find effective study techniques that work for you. Understanding the material is key, not just memorizing it. Passing the test shows you are a competent drone pilot who can confidently handle complex regulations and scenarios.

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Pass The Aeronautic Knowledge Exam

When you take the UAG exam, remember to be confident. Breathe deeply and trust your preparation. Do not feel overwhelmed by the questions. Approach each one carefully. The Part 107 exam tests your knowledge and skills in unmanned aircraft operations, so stay focused. Stay calm during the test.

Read each question carefully and eliminate wrong answers before choosing. Time management is essential, as I have two and a half hours for the exam. Pace yourself to have time to review tough questions. Trust in your skills and show you are ready to pass.

Complete Form 8710-13

After receiving good news, celebrate and apply for your Part 107 license. Start by logging into IACRA and filling out Form 8710-13. Follow the application process carefully and provide all necessary information to increase your chances of getting your pilot certification. Applying online through IACRA makes getting your Part 107 license easy.

Remember to include your Knowledge Test Exam ID on Form 8710-13 to speed up your application. When you submit your application, IACRA will send your details to TSA for a background check. Trust the system, and soon, you will be closer to becoming a certified drone pilot.

After getting your drone license, it is time to explore the possibilities drones offer. Join a local drone community to connect with others who share your interest in aerial photography, videography, or flying. These groups host meet-ups, workshops, and competitions to help you improve your skills.

Learn the local drone flying rules to stay safe and legal. Consider buying extra drone accessories like batteries or a better camera to enhance your experience. Keep learning and growing as a licensed drone pilot in South Dakota to reach new heights with this technology.

SB 80 has strict rules for drones to protect privacy and secure sensitive places. Breaking these laws can lead to jail time and big fines, showing the importance of following drone safety rules. Aberdeen also has rules to keep places like airports safe from drone dangers. As drone technology grows, operators must know and follow the laws.

Getting a drone license in South Dakota is simple. You must follow federal rules, finish an online course, and send the required documents to the FAA. Following these steps, you can easily meet the licensing requirements and fly your drone legally and safely. Always focus on safety and responsibility when flying a drone in South Dakota.

Do you Need a License to fly a Drone?

In many countries, you must have a license to fly a drone legally. The requirements for getting a license may differ by country and the size of the drone you want to use. In the United States, people flying drones for work need a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.

How Much is a Flyer ID?

The cost of a flyer ID depends on the type and how long it lasts. An Operator ID costs $11.13 and is suitable for one year. A Flyer ID is free and lasts for five years. It is essential to know the rules and advantages of each ID before choosing. Whether you fly drones for fun or work, having the proper flyer ID is crucial for following the rules and keeping drone flights safe.


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