Which Is The Best VR Drone Of 2024 | Here it is!

Technology is advancing quickly, and drones are changing with the addition of virtual reality. In 2024, VR drone is not just for hobbyists but also for exploring, having fun, and professional work. These top drones of 2024 are raising the bar in aerial photography and innovation, making you excited to try them out.

These drones are changing how we take pictures and videos from the sky. By using virtual reality and flying a drone, users can see amazing views and record great footage in a new way.

With VR goggles, users feel like passing the drone, moving through the air, and avoiding obstacles. Virtual reality technology helps users control the drone better, making the flying experience more realistic.

The world of drone technology continues to push boundaries, with these drones taking the experience to a whole new level. Some standout picks are;

This drone is very popular because of its advanced technology and unique features. It has low latency, which means flights are smooth and seamless. With the DJI Avata, users can experience immersive VR using different drone. Flying this feels like a futuristic adventure because of its low latency and high-quality VR features.

VR Drone


Flight Time18min
Camera1/1.7-inch CMOS
Best VR Goggle CompatibilityDJI Goggles 2 and DJI Goggles Integra, also compatible with DJI FPV Goggles v2
Is it compatible with DJI RC Motion 2?Yes
Can we use head-tracking?Yes
Flight ModesNormal, Sport, and Manual (acro) Modes.


  • Experience an exciting flying adventure with the Pro-View Combo, which includes DJI Goggles 2 and the DJI Avata Fly More Kit. The Fly More Kit provides two Intelligent Flight Batteries and a Battery Charging Hub for longer flight times.
  • Enjoy flying with DJI Avatar, which offers easy control and total immersion. The motion controller allows simple flight control – squeeze the trigger to move forward or twist your wrist to turn.
  • Avata’s upgraded camera system effortlessly captures stunning 4K footage with a 1.7-inch sensor, 155 FOV, and excellent stabilization technology. Its small size makes it easy to carry and allows agile maneuvers in tight spaces.
  • Avatar drones can fly for 18 minutes and have safety features like a propeller guard. It can send a precise HD live feed up to 10 km away using DJI O3 video technology.
  • You can have an immersive flying experience with DJI Goggles 2 and a motion controller that lets you control the drone vr with hand and head movements.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent camera quality
  • Low transmission latency
  • Durable
  • Flown in Manual Mode as an FPV

  • High cost

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

These drones offer super responsive controls that put the pilot in complete command. Its high-speed capabilities allow for swift maneuvers and dynamic aerial shots that elevate any footage to professional quality. The omnidirectional obstacle-sensing system ensures a safe and smooth flight experience, even in challenging environments.

VR Drone


Flight Time43min
Camera4/3-inch CMOS
Best VR Goggle CompatibilityDJI Goggles Integra and Goggles 2
Is it compatible with DJI RC Motion 2?Yes
Can we use head-tracking?Yes
Flight ModesNormal, Sport, and Explore Modes


  • The Mavic 3 Pro Cine drone supports Apple ProRes encoding formats such as Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422, and Apple ProRes 422 LT across its three cameras.
  • It comes with ample internal storage of 1TB and includes three Intelligent Flight Batteries and an ND Filters Set.
  • DJI RC Pro controller is compatible with DJI drones equipped with professional-grade 4K cameras, offering advanced control options for experienced users.
  • The firmware upgrade introduces Vision Assist technology for enhanced visual assistance and aerial safety during flights.
  • The Mavic 3 Pro Cine drone can use Apple ProRes encodings like Apple ProRes 422 HQ, Apple ProRes 422, and Apple ProRes 422 LT with its three cameras. It has 1TB storage, three batteries, and an ND filter set.
  • The DJI RC Pro controller works with DJI drones with 4K cameras, giving expert users more control.
  • The firmware update adds Vision Assist tech for better visuals and safety during flights.

Pros & Cons

  • Best professional consumer drone
  • 28x hybrid zoom
  • Omnidirectional sensing system
  • Excellent wind resistance

  • Expensive
  • Low latency

This marvel of engineering is incredibly portable and delivers stunningly crisp footage to make your content stand out. The most intriguing feature of the Mini 3 Pro is its ability to use head-tracking technology, allowing you to immerse yourself in a virtual reality drone experience like never before.

With its compact size and advanced features like head tracking, the Mini 3 Pro redefines what is possible in aerial photography and videography.

VR Drones


Flight Time34min (upgrade up to 47min)
Camera1/1.3-inch CMOS
Best VR Goggle CompatibilityDJI Goggles Integra and DJI Goggles 2
Is it compatible with DJI RC Motion 2?Yes
Can we use head-tracking?Yes
Flight ModesNormal, Sport, and Cinematic Modes


  • The Mini 3 Pro is lightweight and easy to use in most places without registering. Its small, foldable design makes it great for all your adventures.
  • Experience Professional Quality – Take amazing 4K 60fps videos and detailed 48MP photos with the advanced camera system that works well in any lighting. The Mini 3 Pro’s True Vertical Shooting feature helps you take perfect portrait shots every time.
  • Extended Flight Time – Enjoy up to 34 minutes to explore and capture more.
  • Fly Safely and Confidently – The Mini 3 Pro has obstacle sensing and safety features to ensure a safe flight.
  • Stay Connected On-the-Go – Use intelligent features like FocusTrack, MasterShots, Timelapse, QuickTransfer, and more with the new DJI RC controller with a built-in HD display for clear viewing even in bright sunlight.
  • Embrace the Elements – The Mini 3 Pro can handle strong winds and harsh conditions while you focus on creating and sharing your content wherever you go.

Pros & Cons

  • Budget friendly
  • Excellent camera quality
  • Easy to use for beginner
  • Fly for a long time (2 compatible batteries)
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Not fly fast


The DJI FPV drone has changed drone racing and aerial photography by being affordable and easy to use. It is ready to fly and doesn’t need a complicated setup like other drones.

Beginners and enthusiasts can enjoy flying it without needing a lot of experience. The drone offers a first-person view that feels safe and high-quality. It lowers the risks of flying manually while still being exciting.

drone vr headset


Flight Time20min
Camera1/2.3-inch CMOS
Best VR Goggle CompatibilityDJI FPV Goggles v2 and, after firmware updates, with DJI Goggles 2 and DJI Goggles Integra
Is it compatible with DJI RC Motion 2?Yes
Can we use head-tracking?No
Flight ModesNormal, Sport, and Manual Modes


  • Experience the excitement of vr drone flying with DJI FPV Goggles V2 and DJI FPV’s wide 150-degree field of view, giving you a clear view of your flight. The DJI FPV follows FAA Remote ID rules.
  • Check the compliance document for Remote ID rules and go to the FAA website for drone registration and Remote ID rules.
  • Record excellent 4K 60fps video at 120 Mbps with the DJI FPV drone, ensuring your footage is as thrilling as your flight.
  • Safety is crucial with features like a bottom light, Smart Return to Home (RTH), Low Battery RTH, and obstacle sensing in the DJI FPV for a safe flight even at high speeds.
  • Try the new S mode for dynamic FPV footage, blending manual flying with simple controls from past DJI drones.

Pros & Cons

  • High speed
  • Stable
  • Unique aerodynamics
  • Fly in three modes

  • Can’t use head tracking


  • FPV drones, also known as first-person view drones, are exciting to fly with VR goggles.
  • They offer a unique way to explore the skies. Some FPV goggles can also work with regular drones.


  • VR drones are GPS drones that can connect to VR or FPV goggles,
  • It gives a different aerial view like FPV but with its own twist.

Drones and virtual reality are advancing quickly. Manufacturers are creating high-tech VR drone for hobbyists and professionals. These drones have features like obstacle avoidance and immersive flying experiences. In the future, these drones will become even better and more available to everyone. Whether new to drones or a pro, these best drones will enhance your flying experience.

What is included in the vr drone kit?

It typically includes a drone, virtual reality goggles, remote controller, batteries, and other necessary accessories.

Are these drones suitable for beginners?

Yes, there are beginner-friendly with easy-to-use controls and features.

Can I use any vr drone with headset?

No, you will need a compatible vr drone headset that is designed to work with the specific model.

What is a drone with a VR camera?

A drone with vr camera is a remote-controlled aircraft equipped with a camera that provides live, immersive footage for viewing through virtual reality headsets.

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