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The small drone has a strong battery that allows for longer flight times. This reading discusses the battery’s impact on performance and why having more batteries can improve your flying experience. Get ready to fly high with the Potensic Atom SE Battery and see where your next adventure takes you!

Lithium battery attom research is pushing the boundaries of energy storage with its promise of ultra-fast charging capabilities. By focusing on manipulating the atoms within lithium batteries at the atomic level, scientists are uncovering new ways to enhance their efficiency and performance.

This precision engineering approach not only improves overall battery lifespan but also opens up possibilities for smaller, more powerful devices that can revolutionize numerous industries.

Potensic Atom SE Battery

The Potensic Atom SE drone is a compact and powerful quadcopter that relies on DSBT02A batteries to take flight. These 2500mAh intelligent batteries are designed with safety features, ensuring a smooth and secure flying experience.

Whether you receive one or two batteries with your drone, you can rest assured that they are equipped to provide long-lasting power for your aerial adventures.

The intelligent design of these batteries includes a sleep mode feature for safe transit and storage. When you first unbox your Potensic Atom SE, charging the battery to wake it from this sleep mode is essential.

This ensures optimal performance and longevity for your drone’s power source. With these good-quality batteries at the helm, you can fly high and enjoy extended flight times and reliable power delivery for an unparalleled drone flying experience.

What Is Smart Discharge Protection?

Smart discharge protection is crucial in extending the lifespan of Li-ion and LiPo batteries like the one found in the Potensic Atom SE.

By automatically discharging the battery to a storage level between 50 and 70 percent after five days of non-use, this function ensures that the battery remains healthy for long-term storage. The slight warmth generated during this discharge process does not harm the battery’s durability, making it safe to store in various environments.

Proper storage practices are also emphasized when maintaining the Potensic Atom SE battery. When not in use, it is advised to keep the battery secure, away from potential hazards like luggage or clothing. This cautious approach ensures safety and extends this advanced technology’s overall performance and longevity.

The Potensic Atom SE battery weighs 103 grams and can hold 2500mAh, enough to keep the drone flying for 31 minutes The lightweight lithium polymer battery is durable and can handle multiple charging cycles without losing performance. Potensic atom se range, they can fly up to 4,000 meters or 13,213 feet with a clear live-view.

It has smart technology that shows real-time power data, helping users monitor the charge accurately. This is useful for drone pilots who need precise battery information during flights. With the Potensic Atom SE’s reliable battery, sky adventurers can enjoy uninterrupted flying and be more creative with confidence.

The Potensic drone battery SE has a sleek design and advanced features. It only works with its unique battery, unlike other drones that can use different batteries. This ensures the drone performs well and is safe. Using the correct battery for this drone model gives users peace of mind. It also avoids any problems that could happen with the wrong battery.

Here we will clear the Potensic Atom SE review. It stands out for sticking to its specific battery model, which makes it reliable and consistent. This approach makes the drone easier and shows the manufacturer’s dedication to providing a high-quality product for top performance in every flight.

atom battery

Charging your Potensic Atom SE batteries can significantly affect how smoothly your drone flies. A USB-C cable is easy and works with different chargers, while a Charging Hub lets you charge multiple batteries.

The Charging Hub has a supercharging adapter for quick charging to get back in the air faster. A parallel charging hub makes it easier to manage your batteries and keeps them in good condition.

You can charge three Atom SE batteries at the same time without losing speed. The atom hub also lets you SE charge batteries and the remote controller together, making it handy for long flying sessions.

The Potensic Atom SE Battery is a good power source for your drone. It gives decent flight times in good conditions. It works well for beginners, but you might need extra batteries for longer flights or trips. Plan to have a fun flying experience with the Potensic Atom SE. Get extra batteries to make the most of this great drone. Fly high and discover new places.

How to know when a DJI battery is fully charged?

To know when it’s fully charged, check the LED light on the charger or battery. When the battery is fully charged, the LED light turns green, showing that it’s ready to use.

How do I know what size battery my drone has?

To determine the size of the battery your drone has, you can calculate it based on the average amp draw of your setup. For example, if your drone draws 5 amps, a 5000mAh battery would run for one hour. So, for a setup drawing 25 amps, you would need a 25000mAh battery to provide the required flight time.

What is battery cycle count?

Battery cycle count refers to the number of complete charge and discharge cycles a battery can undergo before its performance begins to degrade. Each time a battery is fully charged and then fully discharged, it completes one cycle. The more cycles a battery goes through, the more its capacity to hold a charge decreases over time.

What are the Key Differences Between Potensic Atom vs DJI Mini 2?

The Potensic Atom is a budget-friendly option with basic features, while the DJI Mini 2 offers more advanced capabilities and higher-quality camera.

Can I Use Other Batteries With The Potensic D80 drone?

It is recommended to use only the specified Potensic D80 battery for optimal performance.


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