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As the drone industry continues to soar to new heights, the demand for heavy lift drones capable of carrying large payloads has never been greater. In 2024, we are witnessing a groundbreaking evolution in drone technology with the emergence of giant drones that can easily lift heavy objects. These powerful aerial machines are redefining what drones can achieve, from delivering supplies to remote areas to assisting in construction projects and even aiding search and rescue missions.

Amateur drones are for taking pictures and helping beginners learn to fly. They can carry up to 500g, sometimes less. Heavy-lifting drones are made to carry weight, like those for drone delivery. They can take 20 kg to 220 kg and sometimes more than 50 times their weight. The drone’s ability to carry weight depends on its purpose and technology.

Companies in precision agriculture may need drones that can carry equipment like sensors or sprayers. Search and rescue operations may benefit from drones carrying supplies or rescue gear. As technology improves, drones can take more weight and be used in more industries.

Heavy lift drones, equipped with powerful motors and advanced technology, have revolutionized various industries through their ability to carry heavy payloads. Some of the prominent uses are:

Agriculture Sector

These drones can carry large payloads, making them ideal for spraying fertilizer or pesticides over vast fields. Using these drones allows farmers to cover more area in less time and with greater precision, resulting in increased efficiency and crop yield.

Military Service

These drones are changing how the military works by helping with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions. These drones can carry cameras and sensors to get crucial real-time information. By flying high for a long time, they help keep an eye on enemies and gather critical data during battles.

Engineering Projects

In engineering projects, these drones are making a big difference by helping with maintenance inspections of structures like bridges and buildings. They have good cameras and sensors that can take detailed pictures and data to help engineers check the condition of essential buildings without risking anyone’s safety.

Disaster Relief

During disasters, these drones are essential for getting help to people quickly. They can carry big and heavy things to hard-to-reach places, like medical supplies and food. When standard ways of getting help are blocked, these drones are a lifeline for delivering aid fast and well.

Cargo And Delivery

In the cargo and delivery industry, these drones are changing things by being an excellent way to get things to faraway places. They can carry heavy things, which is good for getting medical supplies to areas that are hard to reach. By using these drones for delivery, organizations can ensure that essential supplies like medicine get where they need to go quickly and safely.

A typical heavy payload drone has following three main parts:

Heavy Lift Drone Propellers

Heavy-duty drones have propellers made of carbon fiber, a material lighter than plastic. This makes the drones fly better. Carbon fiber’s lightness allows the drone to carry heavier things easily, making it popular for tasks like surveys and transporting cargo. The strong propellers can handle heavy loads over long distances, ensuring the drone stays stable and reliable during use.

Heavy Lift Drone Gimbal

These gimbals are versatile tools that can hold many cameras, sensors, and payloads. They provide steady and smooth footage, ensuring high-quality images and data can be captured even in harsh conditions. The gimbals are strong and can support heavy payloads without losing stability or performance.

Heavy Lift Drone Motors

Powerful motors are needed for heavy-lift drones to carry their large payloads. These drones often use brushless motors because they can handle the weight of the electronics and equipment on board. Brushless motors are efficient and reliable, perfect for heavy drones needing consistent performance.

military heavy lift drone

The important factors to consider before buying are:


Before buying a heavy-lift drone, figure out how you will use it and what you need it for. Whether for taking pictures from the sky, doing surveys, or for work, knowing your needs will help you pick the suitable model.

Type Of Payload

Understand how the drone will carry things safely and effectively. Different drones can carry various weights and have other features, so knowing what you need will help you choose the right one.

Flight Time

When buying a heavy-lift drone, the length of time it can fly is significant. Imagine getting a drone carrying 20 kg but only flying for 5 minutes. In reality, such a short flight time makes the drone almost useless because it might need to recharge or land before reaching its destination.


Price is a significant factor when buying a heavy-lift drone. The price might make you miss other important things affecting how well the drone works. It’s also essential to check the drone’s weight capacity, flight time, and durability for the price.

We list the top seven UAVs:

ModelJOUAV PH-20JOUAV CW-80EGRIFF Aviation 300DJI FlyCart 30JOUAV CW-30EEhang 184Freefly Alta X
Drone type
Flight time70 min840 min31 min18 min600 min23 min20 min
Max lifting weight10 kg (22 lbs)25 kg (55 lbs)227 kg (500 lbs)30 kg (66 lbs)10 kg (22 lbs)100 kg (220 lbs)15 kg (35 lbs)
Range30 km100/200 km15 km28 km100/200 km30 km5 km

JOUAV PH-20 – Best LiDAR drone that can carry 22 lbs

Crafted from a blend of aluminum alloy and high-performance composite materials, this drone embodies durability and reliability, ensuring seamless performance even in challenging conditions.

Its innovative obstacle avoidance radar system truly sets the PH-20 apart, which enhances safety and precision during flight missions. With the ability to easily navigate complex terrain, the JOUAV PH-20 offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in LiDAR data collection.

heavy lift drone motors


Payload capacity10 kg
Flight time70 min
Max speed64.8 km/h
Max transmission distance30 km
Max take-off weight29.2 kg
Operating temperature-20℃ to +55℃

Pros & Cons

  • The arm is easy to plug in and use.
  • The rotor system tilts inward to make the drone more stable and resistant to wind and interference.
  • It has radar to avoid obstacles in all directions.

  • The drone is heavy and hard to transport, which may limit where it can be used.

JOUAV CW-80E – Best mapping drone that can carry 50 lbs

It is not your average mapping drone – boasting an impressive capability to carry up to 50 lbs, it opens up new possibilities for aerial data collection.

It is compatible with RTK and PPK modules and enables the creation of highly detailed and precise 2D and 3D visualizations. This drone transcends traditional mapping capabilities, offering professionals in various industries a reliable tool for conducting thorough surveys and analyses.

heavy lift drone


Payload capacity25 kg
Flight time840 min
Max speed135 km/h
Max transmission distance100/200 km
Max take-off weight110 kg
Operating temperature-20° to 55°C

Pros & Cons

  • Set up or take down quickly.
  • Land precisely and collect accurate data.
  • Super Adaptability

  • Need skilled pilots and careful planning for safety and success.

GRIFF Aviation 300 – Extra large drone that can carry 500 lbs

Designed with an 8-propeller system, this aerial giant is mighty and incredibly stable during flight. Its waterproof feature, allowing it to operate in various weather conditions without compromising performance.

The GRIFF Aviation 300 opens new doors for innovation and efficiency in agriculture, construction, and emergency services. With drones exceptional payload capacity, this drone has the potential to revolutionize how we approach tasks that were once limited by logistical constraints.

heavy lift drones


Payload capacity227 kg
Flight time31 min
Max speed60 km/h
Max transmission distance15 km
Max take-off weight235 kg

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to transport, assemble and operate.
  • This drone is special in the UAS market because it has a unique aviation authority certification.
  • Can lift a lot of weight, and can fly for a long time.

  • Lifting and controlling 500 lbs requires a lot of power, which can lead to higher energy use and costs.

DJI FlyCart 30 – Best delivery drone that can carry 50 lbs

This drone can carry up to 50 lbs, making it an excellent choice for businesses that want efficient and reliable aerial deliveries. It can switch between two payload options, giving flexibility for different delivery needs. This drone is a dependable solution for companies that want to improve their delivery processes and reach customers faster.

With the DJI FlyCart 30, businesses can enhance their logistical operations by using its powerful capabilities. The drone can transport heavier payloads, useful for industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and emergency services.

heavy lift drones


Payload capacity30 kg
Flight time18 min with dual batteries
Max speed72 km/h
Max transmission distance28 km
Max take-off weight95 kg
Operating temperature-20° to 45° C

Pros & Cons

  • The Cargo mode offers an optimized air transport solution for heavy loads.
  • Equipped with other back-up systems for enhanced safety.
  • Equipped with several obstacle detection systems.

  • Limited battery life

JOUAV CW-30E – Best surveillance drone that can carry 20 lbs

It has a special camera that takes clear pictures and videos. The drone is easy to use, even for beginners. It can avoid obstacles well, making it safe to use. Whether you need to improve security or collect data, this reliable drone works well.

big drones


Payload capacity10 kg
Flight time600 min
Max speed90 km/h
Max transmission distance100/200 km
Max take-off weight45 kg
Operating temperature-20° to 55°C

Pros & Cons

  • The drone is easy to use with its vertical takeoff and landing, auto pre-flight check, and other functions.
  • It can automatically recover from faults and balance abnormal movements.
  • It has advanced flight control and navigation systems.

  • The cost of operating and maintaining this drone may be too high for smaller organizations or individuals using it for surveillance.

Ehang 184 – Best big drones that can lift a person 200 lbs

It can carry a person weighing up to 200 lbs and fly independently. The drone uses fast wireless channels like 4G and 5G to talk to its control center, making it great for flying people around. The Ehang 184 changes how we think about personal flight, offering a safe and efficient way to travel through the air.

Its ability to fly independently makes it a cool tech gadget and a valuable tool for many industries. The drone’s smooth communication with its control center ensures everything runs well and gives users a great experience, setting a new standard for large drones carrying people.

large drone


Payload capacity100 kg
Flight time23 min
Max speed100 km/h
Max transmission distance30 km
Max take-off weight620 kg

Pros & Cons

  • 100% Green Technology
  • Flight Controlled with App
  • Fail-Safe System

  • Not introduced to the US market at first

Freefly Alta X – Best cinema drone that can carry 35 lbs

The Freefly Alta X is the top choice for professional filmmakers who want the best performance. It can lift up to 35 lbs, allowing creative aerial shots without equipment restrictions. The Alta X provides stability and precision for high-budget films or commercial projects.

Its ability to carry heavy loads while flying smoothly makes it unique. Filmmakers looking for quality and reliability can enhance their work by investing in the Alta X.

DJI heavy lift drone


Payload capacity15 kg
Flight time20 min
Max speed95 km/h
Max transmission distance5 km
Max take-off weight34.9 kg
Operating temperature-10° to 40°C

Pros & Cons

  • Worlds Toughest Drone
  • No assembly required. Using a clever rotating planar linkage ALTA X folds and unfolds with ease.
  • Easily expandable to adapt to ever changing technology.

  • Complex nature of operating such a high-powered drone.

In 2024, heavy lift drones have advanced, offering new possibilities for industries needing to transport large payloads. The top seven contenders in this category have impressive capabilities and cutting-edge technology. These drones are expected to improve, leading to more significant achievements in agriculture, construction, and emergency response. Investing in one of these drones can boost efficiency and productivity for businesses in different sectors.

Do I need any Special Training to Operate a Drone that can Carry a Person?

It is recommended that proper training and certification be obtained before operating such drones.

How long can the DJI Heavy Lift Drone fly on a Single Charge?

The flight time of the DJI heavy lift drone varies depending on payload and weather conditions, but it can typically fly for up to 30 minutes.

What is the Draganfly Heavy Lift Drone Price?

The price of the Draganfly heavy lift drone varies depending on the model and specifications, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

How does a Heavy Lift Drone Sprayer work?

A heavy lift drone sprayer works by lifting and carrying liquid or solid agricultural materials in its tank, then dispersing them through nozzles underneath the drone while flying over crops.

Can a Military Heavy Lift Drone carry Heavy Cargo over Long Distances?

Yes, military heavy lift drones are specifically designed to carry heavy cargo over long distances with ease.

What is the Maximum Payload Capacity of the Dragonfly Heavy Lift Drone?

The Dragonfly Heavy Lift Drone has a maximum payload capacity of 10 kg.

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